Iceland Wedding Photographer // Bliss & Mike

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One of our favourite things about our job as photographers is that we get to travel all over Iceland on various shoots. A lot of the time we tend to visit the same locations since a lot of our clients have seen some of the more famous landmarks of Iceland on Instagram or Pinterest and want to include them in their photoshoots. But looking at these places with fresh eyes prevents us from taking them for granted and it's a fun challenge for us to shoot the same location in a different way each time. 

But once in a while we get clients that are up for anything and are willing to follow us into the unknown. Then we get the chance to explore off the beaten track locations and even locations we haven't explored before with our couples. These shoots always fill us with renewed inspiration and create a good dynamic within the shoot since we are all filled with the same sense of adventure. 

Last fall we had one of these shoots at the edge of the highlands in south Iceland. We hit two locations both of which we at been to before but never really explored. A small rift valley called Gjáin that was filled with the most amazing fall colors from all the plants growing along the small streams that cascade down the valley. And the other location was one of Iceland's highest waterfalls that we had seen from afar but never ventured up close to. It's awe inspiring to say the least. Exploring these places in the great company of Bliss & Mike made this whole experience so much fun and memorable to say the least.    

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