Westfjords Engagement // Alexis & Mark


We are often asked what our favourite place in Iceland is and for the past few years the answer has always been the same: the West Fjords. It's hard to put into words why, but this pretty remote and funny looking peninsula that juts out of north west Iceland has a special kind of draw. The landscapes there are totally different from anywhere else in Iceland, mountains with flat, cloud covered tops and slopes that reach down all the way to the sea, creating some of the gnarliest and vertigo inducing roads Iceland has to offer. Mix this crazy landscape with all the history and culture that follows this place and you start to believe all the crazy folklore about elves, hidden people, ghosts and monsters. 

At the bottom of a very large fjord in the West fjords a river falls down the side of a mountain and forms a series of waterfalls the largest of them called Dynjandi is 100m (328ft) high and is pretty awe inspiring to look at. Every time we've been there we've talked about how cool it would be to shoot a couple session right there. But the location is pretty remote so we didn't get our hopes up that it would ever happen. But then as we were planning a short trip up there this summer Alexis contacted us. And when she told us that she was coming for her second visit to Iceland mostly to get the opportunity to pet a fox we knew she would be a perfect candidate for an adventurous shoot like this. And as luck would have it she was traveling there at the same time we were. Needless to say Dynjandi did not disappoint and not only did we get some great images but Alexis and Mark where a blast to hang out with for a day.   

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