Hvalfjörður Engagement // Elen & Jody


It was a dark and moody winter’s day when we set out to explore the forgotten fjord, Hvalfjörður, with Elen & Jody. On the short journey from Reykjavík we drove through pouring rain and strong gusts of wind but when we reached our destination in the valley at the bottom of the fjord the wind died down and the rain turned into a drizzle. This was before the winter snows rolled in and blanketed everything in white so the dark, lifeless ground added an even moodier colour pallet to the day.

We hiked up a muddy trail to get a better view over the valley and the clouds rolling over the mountains surrounding us. Then the sky opened up just enough to let this golden light illuminate the landscapes around us. Creating the perfect conditions for us to both take pictures and just stand and stare in awe at the beautiful nature around us.

Then we slowly made our way from the the valley with it’s cascading waterfalls and mountains down to the shore where we watched the light fade away into the north Atlantic. Warming ourselves with stories of Elen & Jody’s much warmer home in South Carolina when the chill set in.

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