Vík Engagement // Daria & Ramin


One of the the many aspects of our job that we really like is that we get to meet people from pretty much every corner of the world. When we were growing up Iceland used to be a pretty monotonous place and everybody looked and behaved pretty much the same. And although times are changing with the recent influx of tourists and immigrants we are still fascinated when we meet people from far away places .

Like on this warm, calm summer day in early July last year we got to hang out with Daria and Ramin for a while. Daria is from Russia and Ramin from Azerbaijan but they are living together in Berlin. They both come from cultures that we don’t know much about so this day was just as much about the conversations about the differences and similarities between all these different cultures as it was about hiking hills, running atop cliffs, cuddling in wild flower fields and us occasionally clicking the shutter of our cameras.

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