Westfjords Wedding // María & Ingileif


So where to begin with this fairytale in the West fjords…? It seems that every time we visit that magical corner of Iceland the greater the adventures we experience. And this time around it wasn’t the weather or the dramatic landscapes that where the main instigator of the story, although they did a great job of setting the scene. No, the real heroes of this story are María and Ingileif. Who with the power of love, persistence and a whole village of help managed to celebrate their love for each other in one of the most remote fjords of Iceland in the company of about 170 people (doubling the number of people living in the village in the fjord, Flateyri) with out the slightest hiccup.

This three day feast in one of Iceland’s most beautiful fjords was filled with so much love, fun and good times that everyone attending will remember it fondly for years to come. A pub quiz the evening before to shake the group together, a midnight photoshoot to acclimatise the pair with our cameras. Friends and family decorating everything in the morning, a preparation where you could feel the anticipation in the air followed by a beautiful ceremony where people started happy crying before it even started. Then roaming around the fjord for photos getting a few quiet moments to let everything set in, feel the breeze flowing in from the open ocean, feel the seashell sand between their toes and dodging arctic tern attacks.

The girls then got back to the old fish tank the reception was held in to find everybody gathered on the top floor waiting for them and then ensued one of the most emotional first dances we’ve ever witnessed. This was followed by a reception dinner with fish from the local fishermen, tear jerking speeches, roasts that left people rolling on the floor with laughter, a midnight parade down to the village to dance away until the sun came up again, all to celebrate these two remarkable human beings and their love for each other.

Wedding Planner: Júlíana Hafberg // Venue: Tankurinn, Flateyri

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