Hvalfjörður Elopement // Jessica & Tim


When your wedding day is all about facing the elements, hiking up hills, scrambling down canyons and sharing single malt whiskey you are doing something right in our opinion.

The south wind carried with it a group of dark rain clouds but in between the heavy rain showers the sun managed to brake through the clouds, creating this wonderful contrast of light that only happens in conditions like this. Jessica and Tim got ready together in a small cabin in the south region of Iceland, picked flowers for a bouquet and packed some food, then headed out into the rain to meet the officiant for the ceremony by a waterfall. The sun was shining when our small group got there but as soon as the officiant started his speech the rain started with him and it poured through out the whole ceremony and it didn’t let up until Tim opened a bottle of whiskey. The adventure then continued to the dramatic landscapes of Botnsdalur, an abandoned valley in the forgotten fjord of Hvalfjörður. Hiking up hills to admire the views, scrambling down caves in darkness to come out on the other side and see the canyon the river has carved out over thousands of years.

This day shows how much you are at the mercy of the elements when you decide to get married under the open sky in Iceland but the views and the experience makes getting wet in the rain seem like a small price to pay.

Officiant: Siðmennt, humanist association // Videographer: Kaco Films

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