Reykjanes Honeymoon // Vera & Kevin


This shoot from last fall was kind of a turning point for us both in terms of being more intentional while shooting and in helping us finding our true north when it comes to our colour grading. It’s so great to experience these moments of clarity and inspiration and seeing that even though we’ve been in the business for years, we are still evolving and continuing down this ever changing path of creativity.

There was something in the effortless movements of Vera & Kevin combined with the dramatic light and surroundings that made this whole evening we spent with them so cinematic, even poetic at times. And we wanted to evoke and enhance that feeling in our final images, hence the subtle changes in our workflow.

Short road trips from the city like this where we head out with people just to create something beautiful together are a lot of fun and they fuel our creativity at the same time.

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